NeuroKinetic Therapy® corrective movement system is a sophisticated bodywork modality that can be used as both an assessment and rehabilitative technique for low back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel, and other injuries.

The NeuroKinetic Therapy™ corrective movement system protocol employing a system of precise muscle tests has the ability to change the programming of the Motor Control Center (MCC) in the cerebellum. The MCC coordinates all movement patterns in the body. It learns through failure.

A good example is a baby learning to stand. Through many attempts and failures the baby finally achieves success. But how? The MCC chooses the most successful attempts until standing happens without “thinking” about it. Conversely, after an injury, the MCC adapts to a compensation pattern and holds that in its memory forever unless it is convinced to change. A good example is a whiplash accident in which the posterior neck muscles brace for the anterior neck muscles. This pattern can endure forever unless there is some intervention.

When an NeuroKinetic Therapy™ corrective movement system practitioner tests the weak anterior neck muscles, they fail thus opening the MCC to new learning. After the balance is restored, the MCC is “reprogrammed” and recognizes the anterior neck muscles. To complete the reprogramming, specific rehab exercises are assigned to “burn in” the new functional pattern.


Dr. Bartoszewski (or Dr. B for short) is amazing! I had been 3 months from my last chiropractic visit. I was new in the area and found Dr. B’s office within 5 minutes from my house and she was able to get me in the within the next day. She does Neurokinetic Therapy, which basically identifies which muscle overworks for which muscle which *spoiler alert* causes your pain. She addressed which muscles were causing my issues, gave me some exercises to do daily and after the first visit I was feeling a million times better.

My only issue is that my insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic care so it’s hard for me to pay out of pocket for the amount of visits I should be doing. Not her fault obviously, BUT I find a way to make it work because she is the first chiropractor (in close to 10 years of care) that has actually helped me find more that just a quick fix to my pain. She more than worth it!

Plus, she has a really cute puppy that comes to work sometimes, so that would be a bonus star for me if you could give more than 5.
— Taylor S.