I do have good news! My pain has gone away! I did nothing more than the push-up exercises you recommended I do as often as possible. I did them 3-4 times a day for a few weeks after our last visit, 10-20 reps at a time. Those exercises and using the cylinder behind my back at home and at work did the trick. Eventually my pain receded and finally, a couple weeks ago, faded away altogether. I still use the cylinder at work and do the exercises once a day.

I am extremely grateful to you for helping me find a cure to my pain problem, after physical therapy didn’t work and my doctor suggested surgery. I am so glad to have found a solution and so happy to be pain free. It was a miracle to be moving all our boxes and other countless items to our new house without pain.

Thank you so much for your help.
— Peter
Most helpful experience with a medical professional I’ve ever had. I felt heard about my pain, and my treatment plan was actually personalized for me. So glad I came to Dr. B!
— E.W

I did the stretches you showed me and was more conscious of how I slept, but by 2am this morning at work, it was gone. I was able to take a full breath with no pain and my whole back feels looser. Thank you again for squeezing me in and being an amazing chiropractor!!
— D. B

Dr. Bartoszewski (or Dr. B for short) is amazing! I had been 3 months from my last chiropractic visit. I was new in the area and found Dr. B’s office within 5 minutes from my house and she was able to get me in the within the next day. She does Neurokinetic Therapy, which basically identifies which muscle overworks for which muscle which *spoiler alert* causes your pain. She addressed which muscles were causing my issues, gave me some exercises to do daily and after the first visit I was feeling a million times better.

My only issue is that my insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic care so it’s hard for me to pay out of pocket for the amount of visits I should be doing. Not her fault obviously, BUT I find a way to make it work because she is the first chiropractor (in close to 10 years of care) that has actually helped me find more that just a quick fix to my pain. She more than worth it!

Plus, she has a really cute puppy that comes to work sometimes, so that would be a bonus star for me if you could give more than 5.
— Taylor S.

What a find! I was in town for the holidays and needed somebody quick. Dr. Bartoszewski was able to fit me in, and was willing to work with me where I was at (a short-term drop in, not a new long-term patient). She listened, saw me twice in just a few days - I was messed up from too much driving and flying - and got me back in shape quickly. She listened, addressed my particular concerns, and checked out other things.

Honestly, I chose Stumptown Chiropractic because it was very near where I was staying and the YELP reviews seemed good. Next time I’m in Portland, I’ll take the drive up to St. John’s if I need to be sorted out. North Portland, you’ve got a gem!
— R. P

It was my first experience with a chiropractor and I must say it was a great one. I wasn’t sure what to expect or what I had couldn’t be cured by just a few massages but after my visit with Dr Bartoszewski I walked out feeling well informed, with a better posture, and a feeling that no massage has ever given me before. I didn’t realize that my muscles and joints were so tight that a simple massage would not do the trick and my condition could probably worsen over time. I appreciate the time she took to explain in full detail why I was experiencing what I was experiencing and even contacted me later on that evening after our appointment to ensure I was doing okay. Looking forward to the next visit and appreciate the great service!
— Nina C.

Dr Bartoszewski is a fantastic chiropractor, as both a practitioner, and as a human being to interact with. She has a warm and personable demeanor, and her environment is clean and professional. I’m a graduate student and constantly either sitting in the car commuting, at the desk studying, or reading for class, so I entered Dr. B’s office in pain and tension. She’s fixed my alignment more than once, and her techniques provide immediate relief. However, what really makes her go above and beyond is that she lives it. Follow her practice via social media, and you’ll find tips for eating and living a healthier lifestyle. She is committed to the health of her patients, and provides insight and resources for them beyond the appointment through social media. You won’t be disappointed to visit her practice!
— Stephanie S.

I had visited a few chiropractors in the past with mediocre results. I discovered Dr. Bartoszewski when I moved to Dallas and she produced results for me that were nothing short of miraculous. She took the time to listen to me and developed a treatment plan that worked wonders. Dr. B utilizes a variety of techniques that eased my pain and helped me relax. She also demonstrated a number of exercises I could do at home that helped me immensely.

I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. B. She will listen to you and you won’t be pressured into signing up for a year’s worth of treatment. She develops a plan and timetable that will help you feel better quickly. I just wish she was back in Dallas. I miss her!
— Mark H.

Dr. B is awesome! My dad and I both go to see her, and I’m finding myself becoming relieved of my long time upper back issues. Will recommend to others! :
— Stephanie C.

I have never sought treatment from a professional in this field and was referred to Melissa by a friend. From the minute I walked in she put me at ease. I found her to be very professional, personable and willing to spend time with me to explain her field and treatment options available to me. I am very impressed with her follow up after treatments and also sharing with me ways that I can continue to care for myself through diet and exercise. I am amazed at how good I feel today.......one word to describe my experience and Dr. Bartoszewski............AWESOME!!! Thank you Melissa!
— Teresa M.

Dr. B is wonderful. I have been getting chiropractic care for 17 years and Dr. B is one of the best I have come across. Her technique is quick and I always left her office feeling a million times better than when I went in. I have been a professional massage therapist for 13 years and would recommend every one of my clients to Dr. B! We miss you in Dallas!
— Sarah K.
I left Dr.Bartoszewski’s facility relieved from any pain or discomfort that I had on my neck, shoulders, and upper back. She works wonders, I took my 4yr old daughter to my appointment and she enjoyed Dr.B . They had a conversation going while I relaxed. Aside from her professions she’s also great with kids. WE really enjoyed our visit Dr.B is very accommidating! We loved our shirts and the biofreeze is amazing. We are definitely going back soon!
— Gladys F.
Dr. B is my kind of Chiro. She knows her stuff, presents you with good health based knowledge and helps you decide the best course of treatment. I was very disappointed when she left the Dallas area. You won’t go wrong with her
— Max G.
Dr. B is one of the good ones! Ethical, knowledgeable, and effective. I was having an issue with my midback and ribs and she fixed it in one visit!
— John B.
Dr. Bartoszewski is awesome! She is fun to talk to, professional, and very skilled.
I’ve had pain in my shoulder/neck for years, and after a few regular treatments with her it is almost completely gone. I still have the odd pain, but every time I see her I feel great! She suggested some exercises and stretches for me to do, which also helped a great deal with loosening up my stiff neck.

I am currently 7 months pregnant and have seen her regularly through my entire pregnancy. She even brought in a special chair to accommodate my growing belly! I know that pregnancy would have been a lot more uncomfortable without her adjustments, and I look forward to every appointment with her!
— Jennifer C.
Dr B really impressed me. Her office is in a great location and very nice. She is very knowledgable and makes sure to explain things in great detail. Her adjustments are very gentle and definitely make a big difference. I will be referring my family and friends. Thanks Dr B!
— Karel C.
Dr B took miraculously straightened up a mess of muscles. Highly recommended her.
— Russell F.